The entire cast had a blast working with you!

Thank you for the wonderful job you did on our musical demo recording! Your patience, attention to detail, and clear passion for the piece made everything come out so well and the entire cast had a blast working with you.  Looking forward to the next collaboration!


Patricia Noonan

brilliant at what he does

Mor is easy to work with, professional, honest, and brilliant at what he does. Thank you Ears and Gears for making my newest project ‘Lost in Petrichor’ sound the best that it possibly could!

Justin Marra

Always a step ahead

“Excellent engineer. Fast, efficient and has great ears. Always a step ahead in the production.”


Deddy Tzur

Bottom line, he is excellent

I was lucky to come across Mor’s page through a friend and I am really glad I did! He is professional, incredible at his craft, has great equipment and I was completely happy with the final product! He gave me his opinion whenever I needed it and made what used to be a stressful process a lot of fun. He can do almost anything, and even ideas that I didn’t think were possible he made happen! Not to mention, he is fast while being meticulous at the same time. Bottom line, he is excellent

Monica Danilov
Opera Singer

Talk about a guy going the extra mile for music!

Mor is a sincere, talented and hard working sound engineer and musician who lives for music. He recorded, mixed and mastered my album “Pluma y Vino” as well as recorded bass on some of the tracks. I knew his work well, so I wasn’t surprised with the great result but was pleasantly surprised with his on-point advice and guidance. Mor made me feel very comfortable and had such musical insight that made my experience a total pleasure.

Not only he is one of the most musical people I know but he’s also very passionate about all the new technology that affects us and the way we listen to music. In short he’s a great combination of an experienced, mature set of ears with the passion and curiosity of a young professional. I’ve continued to work with him on different projects and look forward to keep working with him. Talk about a guy going the extra mile for music!

I couldn’t be happier with the results!

I loved the way that you pointed out that each track is about complementing my voice and my songwriting and not about the other instruments overpowering me or standing out. You always stayed true to the original purpose and feel of each song and made sure that every aspect (what key it was in, which instruments were used,) was complimentary of what my music is about and is what it is communicating to my audience.
Every aspect of your production contributed to making my first professionally recorded EP exactly what I wanted it to be; because each track is reflective of me. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Personable and easy to work with

“I hired Mor to compose original music for a few video productions I’ve worked on. I found him very personable and easy to work with. Mor is a highly capable Music Producer/Composer and understood immediately the vibe/sound I was going for. I was very satisfied with both the results and the turn around time.”


Itai Levin

Fantastic engineer with a great ear!

“Mor is a very talented and resourceful guy! Beyond being a fantastic engineer and a true problem solver, he has a great ear! He handles every project with enthusiasm and attention to detail. Mor is a true professional.”


Shai Fishman
Fish-i Entertainment

Inspires a great performance!

“Mor is a consummate music professional. He has creative instincts, a well-trained ear, and an encyclopedic knowledge of all the current audio software.  He’s the kind of producer that knows not only how to capture a great performance, but how to inspire a great performance.”


It just sounds great!!

Thank you for the beautiful job you did. It just sounds great!!
Looking forward to working with you again!!


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