Mor Console

Mixer, Engineer, Producer Mor Mezrich

When founder Mor Mezrich opened Ears and Gears in early 2010, he stuck with a philosophy passed down to him by his first recording teacher: “It’s the ear, not just the gear.”


Listen to Recordings:

Rock – Distoria

Latin – Gregorio Uribe

Vocal Jazz – Ace Elijah

Rock – Silverqueen

Soft R&B – “Sophia”

String Quartet – “Ma Corelli”

Video Game Score – “Dark Side Story”

Indie Rock

Sample of Mor’s music

Film Score – from the film “Highwater

Jazz Big Band Music for TV



Following that approach, Ears and Gears offers custom recording solutions based on the specific needs of each client, working directly with artists to understand their vision and make it come to life. Ears and Gears Studio features Pro Tools, Logic Studio and many synthesizers, samplers, high quality microphones, monitors and musical instruments.

Click for Mor’s composer reel.

Composer reel cover photo







  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Production
  • Composing for commercials and television
  • On location recording
  • Large tracking sessions with large format consoles, outboard gear, amplifiers and grand pianos. Ideal for recording full band and orchestra.

We’d love to hear from you! Email Mor directly at – [email protected]


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